[As-users] How to make afterstep more reactive

Fabrice Ilponse (fabrice@avertec.com)
Tue, 05 Apr 2005 13:34:31 +0200


    I'm running the  AfterStep-2.00.03 on solaris 2.8 on a sunray.
    The problem i have is there's big lag when doing operations with 
    eg. move a window : if i move the mouse to fast before the pointer 
changes,  the window won't follow and i'll get my mouse off the window 
title bar as the window finally move.
    eg2. if I have a xterm continually dropping text and scrolling, 
afterstep takes a least 20-30 second to focus any other window.

    PS: On the sunray, all the display/sound/etc... passes thru the 
network. I'm on a 100mb/s network. So my display has a little latency. 
More, i have aterms with transparent background.

    There still be compilation/running problems with afterstep.
    The core are due to printf("%s",var) where var=NULL but i don't have 
time to check them now because i run afterstep at work only. The only 
way to get rid of the cores is to hack the config.h after "./configure" 
and add "#undef LOCAL_DEBUG".


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