[As-users] AfterStep 2.00.05 released

Sasha Vasko (sasha@aftercode.net)
Wed, 04 May 2005 12:31:45 -0500

Hi all

Just wanted to let you know that AfterStep 2.00.05 is now available for 
download from ftp://ftp.afterstep.org/stable/

This release fixes tons of bugs and introduces numerous enchancements.

Two new modules available :
1) Arrange - does what Tile and Cascade used to do - see menu items 
Window/Arrange/Tile and Window/Arrange/Cascade
2) WinTabs - allows you to swallow bunch of apps into single window and 
access them all using tabs. apps can be swallowed using pattern, for 
example : WinTabs --pattern "NEdit*", or could be swallowed following 
new ASFunction SwallowWindow.
It has 3 buttons on tab bar - first swallows new window, second 
unswallows swallowed window, third closes swallowed window.
Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Look enchancements :
1) WinTabs, WinList, and Pager will use Align, Bevel and spacing 
attributes set in main look for titlebar, unless overriden in 
module-specific config. It's also possible to share images for buttons 
among modules.
That provides for more uniform look.
2) Its now possible to set size, align, bevel for iconyfied windows, 
which allows to scale apps icons down or up (see look.Tiny).
3) more flexible settings for spacing around title text titlebars.
4) MyFrames now have IncludeDefaults keyword, allowing for automatic 
population of MyFrame oiptions with same values as default(traditional) 
AfterStep MyFrame, which is used when no MyFrames are defined.

see NEW file for more.

Critical bugfixes :
1) fixed memory corruption in image data storage, that was causing wierd 
artifacts, and occasional segfault.
2) Fixed segfault on shared memory freeing at the time of AS restarting, 
so Restart should now work.

and many many more fun stuff ...

If I don't see any major bugs within next week, we'll release 2.1.0 to 
signify  that AS 2 is now solid.

Again thank you all for continued support.

Sasha Vasko & The Team

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