Re: [As-users] Build problems AS 2.0.5 on old laptop

Nathan Mahon (
Mon, 16 May 2005 14:55:26 -0400

sorry about the redhat package inflection.
What a burden to have those initials. ;)


rpm wrote:

> Hi Nathan,
> Thanks - that was basically it. Couldn't find opengl-devel in YaST 
> (yes, I'm using SuSE!) but picked a few likely candidates (gltt was my 
> first choice) and now it builds as it should. If it wasn't so 
> frustratingly slow I'd try to pin down exactly what _was_ required & 
> post to list, but a ./configure and build takes an hour or more (I 
> seem to have no DMA for some reason - another tangle to unweave).
> Thanks for the pointer

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