[As-users] AS 2.00.05 - window shading problem

Andrey Shipsha (andrey@kth.se)
Thu, 05 May 2005 23:06:37 +0200

Hi all,

I have a "windows key" on my keyboard which I use 
extensively in AfterStep. Thus, for shading a 
window I press Ctrl+Win key and the window shades. 
I also use Click to Focus option that enables me 
to shade and unshade the window as long as it is 
in focus (the titlebar is dark blue in my case). 
The mouse pointer can be anywhere on screen in 
this case. It worked nicely in AS 1.8-->2.0.4.

Now, after I have upgraded to 2.0.5 version, 
shading works the same way. However, I can't 
unshade the window even if it is focused. I need 
to have mouse pointer over the title bar of shaded 
window to unshade it. It is a bit inconvinient.

Where and what has got changed in version 2.0.5 
and how I can get this functionality back?

Thanks a lot otherwise for this excellent window 
manager! I use AS from 1998 and very happy with it.



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