[As-users] A few lingering AS problems

John Gruenenfelder (johng@as.arizona.edu)
Thu, 5 May 2005 17:18:37 -0700

All of the critical bugs with AS 2.x seem to have been fixed and it is now
very usable.  What remains are bugs of less severity or just some graphical
problems.  Here are some of the issues I am still having:


1) WinList and title bar title strings are rarely in sync with what the title
   should be.  Upon starting AS, my aterms should all set the title to be
   user@host:$PWD.  Sometimes this shows up in the title, often not.
   Sometimes this shows up in the WinList, often not.  And when it does
   appear, it rarely changes when it should.  A good example of this is
   Mozilla, which changes its title for every page.  This change is rarely
   reflected in Winlist/title bar.

2) CTRL+arrow not scrolling properly.  I last checked this in CVS from about
   three days ago, it might be fixed now.  I use a single 3x3 desktop.  When I
   scroll, it jumps by two screens instead of one.  I tried changing the key
   binding from "Scroll +100 +0" to "Scroll +50 +0" thinking it was just
   moving twice as much, but it didn't help.  I think it's trying to move very
   far in any given direction, and then stopping when it hits the boundary of
   my 3x3 desk.

3) Diagonal scrolling with the mouse doesn't always work.  In particular, it
   is only when trying to scroll the viewport up and left.  The other
   diagonals seem to work fine.  For me, an easy way to recreate this problem
   (beacuse it doesn't always happen) is to go to a viewport where an up-left
   movement is possible.  Then click on the root window to make the AS menu
   appear.  Close this window by again clicking on the root window outside of
   the menu.  Now move the mouse into the upper-left corner.  It won't scroll.

4) Some windows jump around after appearing.  I get this a lot with Emacs (on
   startup) and my VNC client.  The VNC client, regardless of which viewport I
   am on, will appear in viewport 0,0 when it starts.  I can then move it to
   another viewport.  If I then go fullscreen, when I return from fullscreen,
   it will again jump to viewport 0,0.
   For emacs, the window will initially appear, correctly, on whichever
   viewport I am currently viewing.  However, when emacs loads, I usually have
   it load a saved desktop (collection of open files) and then it font-locks
   all of them.  This can take a few seconds depending on the machine.  When
   this is done, emacs resizes itself slightly.  During this resize, the emacs
   window will jump to whatever the currently visible viewport is.


1) Tinting not update on all AS controlled bits (title bar, menu window,
   etc.).  I run Xplanet and it updates my background.  Pager, wharf, winlist,
   and my aterms all have their background correctly updated and tinted.
   Window titlebars and the AS root menu, however, keep their original
   background from when AS started.

2) Strings in winlist and titlebars have the decenders of letters cut off.  I
   think the winlist resizes its vertical height based on the font it uses.
   At first look, it would appear to just use the normal font height instead
   of properly using the font height + the height of the decenders (like on a
   lower case j or g).


1) I get a lot of errors like the following in my .xsession-errors file, but I
   don't know what they mean:

Pager has encountered a problem interacting with X Windows :
      Request: 12,    Error: 8(BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes))
      in resource: 0x1000022

afterstep has encountered a problem interacting with X Windows :
      Request: 2,    Error: 10(BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied))
      in resource: 0x1E00087


1) This has already been acknowledged, but I would really like to see a return
   of the ability to start a program offscreen.  For example:
     aterm -geometry +1280+25
   used to cause an aterm to appear one viewport to the right (if your screen
   was 1280 wide).  In AS 2.x, this can be accomplished with some of the
   database entries, which is okay, but the currently visible viewport will
   always jump to wherever the program first appears.

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