Re: [As-users] where is database 'Layer' setting documented?
Fri, 6 May 2005 14:07:13 +0200 (CEST)

> On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 05:24:50PM -0500, Sasha Vasko wrote:
>> Wharf WinList and Pager go on layer 2 by default even if there is 
>> nothing in the database for them. You have to explicitely override
>> that  and add Layer 0 to database.
>> AvoidCover/AllowCover is also usefull option for them modules
> You know, I hate to be a grouch about this, but (a) mystery surprise
> documents that are on a web page somewhere are way less useful to me
> while in the subway than a man page and (b) much of the documentation
> that I find in the 1.8.x man pages (the really complete revisions, by
> David Mihm) is still useful, but the "man page" that comes with 2.0.x
> is little more than an nroff-compatible version of the README.  Even
> just putting ##FIXMEs## in the man page source would have been better
> than throwing the old docs away.

a) well your mystery surprise document has been on wao since 8 months, read
eight. so if you don't check don't blame others for
your own lazyness. b) afterstepdoc will lead you to your local html
version of the docs, which should have the same info in it (plus also
featuring the searchable glossary). c) man ASDatabaseEntry gives you the
same info in a man page format. (man pages have been divided)

so all info is there - fixmes are now 220 total of more then 800 entries.
so more then 70% of manual pages are filled. i tried to proof read every
entry at least once.

> Again, I'm not offering to fix it; and yes, I can always keep using the
> old version[1].  But it seems to me that you've gone to
> extraordinary lengths to make this backward-incompatible for the
> ordinary user.  Since AS has been my main interface to at least a
> dozen systems since round about 1997, I prefer to think about it as
> little as possible.  You've done good work.  All the gee-whiz
> features are nice -- the antialiased ttf in menus does indeed look
> great -- but even just to stand still, I've had to spend time I don't
> have working on a problem I didn't have.  That seems to be some
> distance from a presumed goal of user friendliness.

Sasha decided in the beta days to drop compatibility somehow, i don't
remember you ranting then... (not talking about myframe, windowbox and other
new features here).

> A
> [1] In fact, in most places I am -- this is too much work to put into
> my desktop, and if i have to learn a new window manager
> configuration, I might as well experiment and see what's out there. 
> (I'll point out that the difference between "subtly new and
> undocumented configuration" and "totally new configuration" is so
>small as to be meaningless.)  One thing that's turned up is that
> Enlightenment, of all things, is now faster on my laptop than AS
> 2.0.4, which makes me wonder whether all that "all new code" was
> worth the price.

To the fact that Enlightenment is faster then afterstep. i dunno if this
is true, but a) afterstep has made considerable steps forward in working
speed, that after 2.0.03 tempo has suffered again is true from my point
of view though. b) sasha is the only coder here, just having little help
from a fiew, so if you don't wanna help - fine, we know in what category
to put you then. the more help he gets, to more he can spend on improving
things and speeding them up.

have a nice day,


P.S.: if you really need help - make a question catalogue, and i'll answer
all i can. what i cannot answer is usually added to the docs once i know

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