Re: [As-users] A few lingering AS problems

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 06 May 2005 09:21:57 -0500

John Gruenenfelder wrote:

> All of the critical bugs with AS 2.x seem to have been fixed and it is now
> very usable.  What remains are bugs of less severity or just some graphical
> problems.  Here are some of the issues I am still having:
> Functional
> ----------
> 1) WinList and title bar title strings are rarely in sync with what the title
>    should be.  Upon starting AS, my aterms should all set the title to be
>    user@host:$PWD.  Sometimes this shows up in the title, often not.
>    Sometimes this shows up in the WinList, often not.  And when it does
>    appear, it rarely changes when it should.  A good example of this is
>    Mozilla, which changes its title for every page.  This change is rarely
>    reflected in Winlist/title bar.

That is most amazing. I've never seen this happennig. I think it might 
be a good idea for you to rebuild AS with --enable-gdb, run it for a 
whali to reproduce your problems, starting like so:

afterstep -l /tmp/afterstep.log

and then quit, gzip the log and e-mail it to me.

> 2) CTRL+arrow not scrolling properly.  I last checked this in CVS from about
>    three days ago, it might be fixed now.  I use a single 3x3 desktop.  When I
>    scroll, it jumps by two screens instead of one.  I tried changing the key
>    binding from "Scroll +100 +0" to "Scroll +50 +0" thinking it was just
>    moving twice as much, but it didn't help.  I think it's trying to move very
>    far in any given direction, and then stopping when it hits the boundary of
>    my 3x3 desk.

It was fixed just before 2.0.5 release.

> 3) Diagonal scrolling with the mouse doesn't always work.  In particular, it
>    is only when trying to scroll the viewport up and left.  The other
>    diagonals seem to work fine.  For me, an easy way to recreate this problem
>    (beacuse it doesn't always happen) is to go to a viewport where an up-left
>    movement is possible.  Then click on the root window to make the AS menu
>    appear.  Close this window by again clicking on the root window outside of
>    the menu.  Now move the mouse into the upper-left corner.  It won't scroll.

Again, I don't see this happening, I'll do some more testing, but 
logging solution could be usefull here as well.

> 4) Some windows jump around after appearing.  I get this a lot with Emacs (on
>    startup) and my VNC client.  The VNC client, regardless of which viewport I
>    am on, will appear in viewport 0,0 when it starts.  I can then move it to
>    another viewport.  If I then go fullscreen, when I return from fullscreen,
>    it will again jump to viewport 0,0.
>    For emacs, the window will initially appear, correctly, on whichever
>    viewport I am currently viewing.  However, when emacs loads, I usually have
>    it load a saved desktop (collection of open files) and then it font-locks
>    all of them.  This can take a few seconds depending on the machine.  When
>    this is done, emacs resizes itself slightly.  During this resize, the emacs
>    window will jump to whatever the currently visible viewport is.

Please e-mail me your look, feel and database files.

> Graphical
> ---------
> 1) Tinting not update on all AS controlled bits (title bar, menu window,
>    etc.).  I run Xplanet and it updates my background.  Pager, wharf, winlist,
>    and my aterms all have their background correctly updated and tinted.
>    Window titlebars and the AS root menu, however, keep their original
>    background from when AS started.

Do you have DontDrawBackground in your look set ?

> 2) Strings in winlist and titlebars have the decenders of letters cut off.  I
>    think the winlist resizes its vertical height based on the font it uses.
>    At first look, it would appear to just use the normal font height instead
>    of properly using the font height + the height of the decenders (like on a
>    lower case j or g).

Never seen this happening. I need to see your look and winlist config 
files. Mean while you can try playing with *WinListSpacing in winlist 
config ( set it to something like 5 or higher )
and also TitleVSpacing setting in MyFrame in your look.

> Miscellaneous
> -------------
> 1) I get a lot of errors like the following in my .xsession-errors file, but I
>    don't know what they mean:
> Pager has encountered a problem interacting with X Windows :
>       Request: 12,    Error: 8(BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes))
>       in resource: 0x1000022
> afterstep has encountered a problem interacting with X Windows :
>       Request: 2,    Error: 10(BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied))
>       in resource: 0x1E00087

> Wishlist
> --------
> 1) This has already been acknowledged, but I would really like to see a return
>    of the ability to start a program offscreen.  For example:
>      aterm -geometry +1280+25
>    used to cause an aterm to appear one viewport to the right (if your screen
>    was 1280 wide).  In AS 2.x, this can be accomplished with some of the
>    database entries, which is okay, but the currently visible viewport will
>    always jump to wherever the program first appears.

I'll look into it.

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