Re: [As-users] where is database "Layer" setting documented?

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 06 May 2005 09:51:41 -0500

Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 05:24:50PM -0500, Sasha Vasko wrote:
>>Wharf WinList and Pager go on layer 2 by default even if there is 
>>nothing in the database for them. You have to explicitely override that 
>>and add Layer 0 to database.
>>AvoidCover/AllowCover is also usefull option for them modules
> You know, I hate to be a grouch about this, but (a) mystery surprise
> documents that are on a web page somewhere are way less useful to me
> while in the subway than a man page and (b) much of the documentation
> that I find in the 1.8.x man pages (the really complete revisions, by
> David Mihm) is still useful, but the "man page" that comes with 2.0.x
> is little more than an nroff-compatible version of the README.  Even
> just putting ##FIXMEs## in the man page source would have been better
> than throwing the old docs away.

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