[As-users] Aterm 1.0.beta3 released

Sasha Vasko (sasha@aftercode.net)
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 11:21:35 -0500

Just wanted to let you all know that aterm 1.0.beta3 is released.

Changes include delayed background rendering method, wich should 
greately improve performance and eliminate most redundand refreshes.

Among other things that speeds up resizing/moving of aterm window.

Also aterm now tracks current desktop and its state in order to not 
redraw background when its off-desktop or shaded.

Several other improvements were maid in the way events are handled, 
which should eliminate major slowdowns in focus movement by AfterStep 
when there were many aterms open. In fact that might be the reason why 
AfterStep was feeling kinda slow for some of you.

Download from :


and enjoy.

Thank you all.
Sasha Vasko
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