Re: [As-users] rounded dock

Nathan Mahon (
Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:46:45 -0400

Your customization options are rather limitless.  there are a number of
custom "looks" out there... if you've got a screenshot we could probably
help you find the round one... or if you could describe it... we could
have someone make it for you maybe.

As far as a tabbed dock... we offer a general WinTabs program that I
think can facilitate that.  it can swallow any sort of application, I
don't see why it wouldn't be able to swallow a handful of wharfs.


Stefan Ulbrich wrote:

> hi, I'm completely new to as and have some questions.
> On the linux day I saw an application doc that had round corners. Does
> anyone has this theme ? (I want to learn from this example ;-) )
> Another thing: i've seen a screenshot of a modified windowmaker. The
> dock there had a tabbs, so apps could be sorted by function .. is that
> possible with as?
> that's it. thanks!
> cheers
> stef
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