[As-users] Re: Aterm 1.0.beta3 released

jayjwa (jayjwa@atr2.ath.cx)
Fri, 3 Jun 2005 03:33:39 -0400

On Thu, 2 Jun 2005:

-> Just wanted to let you all know that aterm 1.0.beta3 is released.
-> Changes include delayed background rendering method, wich should 
-> greately improve performance and eliminate most redundand refreshes.
-> Among other things that speeds up resizing/moving of aterm window.
-> Also aterm now tracks current desktop and its state in order to not 
-> redraw background when its off-desktop or shaded.

I just downloaded and compiled (linux) aterm 1.0beta3. I noticed that this 
version, like those immediately before it, no longer seems to contain 
support for background images or XPM's without using the Afterstep libs. 
My current version of 0.4.2 does. With only less than 300mb of space left 
on my disk I don't have the room for a full Afterstep install and still 
have usable work space left over. Is it only the AS libs it needs now for 
background image display?

The new versions look nice, but I miss the image features. I saw the 
BACKGROUND_IMAGE define in config.h, but that will only cause background 
support to be listed in Aterm's feature support list but not really enable 
images. Using the AS libs instead of (seems like) libxpm I'm sure makes 
more sense for people that have the full windowmanager installed, but us 
aterm-only people miss fancy backgrounds.

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