[As-users] Re: Performance with Desktop->Pictures

Graydon (oak@uniserve.com)
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:54:19 -0400

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 08:58:48AM -0500, Sasha Vasko scripsit:
> Graydon wrote:
> >Sticking those in ~/.afterstep/backgrounds and referencing them from
> >the mini files?
> no, just create them with same file name as the background with .mini 
> extention appended to it. For Example if you have background named 
> Flowers.jpg ( I don't recommend .jpg extentions in file name), then 
> minipixmap should be named: Flowers.jpg.mini

Too Easy.


> >Anyone interested in accumulating more background pictures for
> >AfterStep?  I'm entirely willing to contribute these, if there's
> >interest.
> Are those Copyright-free once? Your own stuff ?  

Well, not copyright free, as I understand it -- the copyright is created
at the same time as I press the camera shutter button :) -- but
definitely my own stuff and I could release them, no problem.

> I may want to add a dir to fao for that.

Might want to add one for icons, too?  (Not that I have any, but someone
else might.)
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