[As-users] AfterStep v 2.1.2 Released

Nathan Mahon (as_ml@vaevictus.net)
Tue, 19 Jul 2005 14:46:41 -0400

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Significant improvements include new xml tools to assist configuration,
bugfixes and polish on ASWallpaper, the gtk colorscheme generator,
placement features, and the Command suites.

changelog attached.

Nate "Vaevictus" Mahon

(P.S. look me up if you're going to defcon next week!)

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	* AfterStep Release v 2.1.2
	* fixed writing out non-configurable/gtkrc and added simple
	* Fixed initial placement of non-sticky windows when geometry is
	  off visible viewport but within the desktop boundaries
	* Fixed FocusOnMap handling due to erroneous reporting of window as
	  Mapped, even if MapNotify has not arrived yet, which s the case
	  when MapRequest is being handled
	* Added ability to creata gtkrc files with colorscheme colors
	* fixed autoexec.in which I broke earlier ;)
	* Made FocusONMap to force activation of the window even if its not
	  under pointer
	* Added keybindings for GWCommand and FocusOnMap in database.
	* Increased usability in GWCommand ;)
	* Added GwCommand and ASWallapaper to start menu and wharf
	* relocated ASWallpaper to more appropriate src/tools and god rid
	  of empty support.c and callbacks.c
	* Added WinCommand-docs.
	* completed ASWallpaper - added button for minipixmap updating;
	  implemented new gradient saving into file; info messages etc.
	* WinTabs now uses libAfterConf to parse command-line args.
	* implementing xml generation for gradient editor
	* rearranged controls in gradient editor. added ability to have
	  math expressions in integer config values
	* implemented most functionality for gradient editor
	* fixed potential stack-based buffer-overflows.
	* added more controls to gradient editor
	* adding subwidgets to gradient editor dialog
	* implemented solid color xml image wizard dialog; began
	  implementing gradient editor widget
	* changed color selector to be a child of a dialog, so it could be
	  run modal, fixed shading in dirlist, added new buttons to main
	  ASWallpaper screen
	* added group-functionality. Unfortunately, WinTabs still sometimes
	  freezes when launched with --pattern.
	* added posix-regular-expression support.
	* made widgets in MakeXML dialog sensitive to checkbox selection
	*  completed implementing Make XML wizard with both minipixmaps and
	  main wallpaper xml generation
	* added swallowwindow option - from information from sasha@irc
	* reverted back to wild_reg_exp for compatibility reasons - Posix
	  regexps should be implemented inside wild_reg_exp to allow for
	  usage of traditional AfterStep patterns
	* when regcomp fails, rexp-pointers are nulled. Before, I just had
	  the function return which was wrong.
	* Improved completion in GWCommand: It now displays all windows
	  which will be effected in the dropdown-menu instead of just those
	  which begin with the string entered.g
	* Edited autoexec.in to reflect changes in src/WinTabs/WinTabs.c.
	* Replaced wild_reg_exp by extended posix-regex to allow
	  expressions like "(aterm)|(mozilla)".
	* implementing make xml wizard
	* added color selector to xml editor so that its possible to select
	  AS colorscheme colors as well as regular ARGB colors
	* fixed xml editor's size to fit on smaller screens and implemented
	  tag insertion with the proper indenting
	* added help window and contents to as image xml editor
	* Changed the order in which window boxes are being looked at -
	  first in feel will now be chencked first
	* made afterstep check for the most appropriate window box, while
	* added ability to choose most appropriate window box for
	* added resize-feature to both WinCommand and GWCommand.
	* fix to make it compile on that old BSD box.
	* tiny fix to allow compilitation on that old FreeBSD.
	* removed redundant ";" to allow compilation on FreeBSD 4x
	* added -smart flag to arrange. If specified, a sane number for mn
	  (maximum number of windows that are tiled into one direction) is
	  calculated: mn = (int) sqrt(number_of_windows).
	* fixed scrolling in xml editor and lists; added supported tags
	  list and ability to insert tag templates into xml scripts
	* changed menu item height limitation to be 1/16th of the screen
	  height, which is 30 in case of 640x480 or 48 in more usuall case
	* Added WinCommand and ASWallapepr to the build process
	* WinCommand updated. It now has all the functionality GWinCommand
	  has. Both are now ready for distribution.
	* implemented XML validation button and selection rendering button
	  in XML editor; Fixed main window destruction to not loose any
	  unsaved XML in XML editor if its open
	* Fixed WinTabs to not immidiately reswallow windows that were
	  explicitely unswallowed, even if they match the pattern
	* made image view more flexible allowing for selectrive
	  tilng/scaling to aspect or to view
	* M.-A. DARCHE: Made the keybinding on "Pause" toggles xscreensaver
	  instead of xlock.
	  Rationale: Those days, xscreensaver is present on all systems
	  being able to run afterstep and xscreensaver is really more
	  usable than xlock.
	  Key Pause	  A	  A	  Exec "xscreensaver" exec
	  xscreensaver-command -lock
	* Implemented SaveAs functionality in XML editor; Need to add
	  callbacks to refresh main Image Browser on save events
	* improved layout of the xml editor -buttons are now greyed out
	  instead of hidden
	* improved layout of XML editor
	* began implementing xml editor widget for ASWallpaper - don't
	  really save anythging yet
	* fixed small syntax-error which kept lib from building.
	* apparently setting the radio-buttons did not emit "toggled". Set
	  GWCommandState.area manually.
	* added method to register defaults for each action. Colorized
	  widgets according to color-scheme.
	* toggle-buttons "on this screen"/"on this desk"/"on all desks" now
	  work. default is "on this screen".
	* added IconsGrowVertically docs.
	* M.-A. DARCHE: Added the function "Resize-or-Top" and used it for
	  the following key-bindigs.
	  Rationale: It makes the UI feels like function "Move-or-Top" on
	  title bars, thus user experience is not disturbed.
	  Function "Resize-or-Top"	   Resize	   "Motion"
	  RaiseLower	  "Click" EndFunction
	  Mouse 1	  FS	  A	  Function "Resize-or-Top" Mouse 2
		 FS	 A	 Function "Resize-or-Top" Mouse 3
	  FS	  A	  Function "Resize-or-Top"
	  (It's a pity those email commit messages don't contain diffs)
	* ASWallpaper mostly complete except for XML editing/creation
	* added functionality for Appluy and delete buttons
	* fixed things suggested by sasha.
	* added ASGTK lib to GWCommand
	* fixed combobox active entry extraction code to work under GTK 2.4
	* Added move-handler, center and center jump.
	* GWCommand is now almost completely functional.
	* mostly completed layout for ASWallpaper and functionality in
	  Image Browser - now need to implement actuall file copying and AS
	  message sending
	* added tested function ascom_get_win_names.
	* moved InitMyApp and ConnectX out of the library and into the app.
	* tested ascommand.c/operations.c extensively, fixed some smaller
	  things and added operations: send_to_desk and center.
	* fixed handling of transparent aterm's swallowed in WinTabs using
	  fast transparency
	* Implemented safer detection of AfterStep XML image type to
	  differentiate from XML and HTML docs; Added more controls to
	* You can now negate the selection. Things like "select all windows
	  on this desk which do not match 'mozilla' and iconify them" are
	  now possible.
	* debugged directory listing in image browser; added new file types
	  for HTML and XML to stop treating them as image scripts; Added
	  keycombo to switch windows in WinTabs - Alt +(key to the left
	* segfault under high load where first XGetProperty succeeds but
	  the second one fails in get 32bit proplist - double freeing of a
	* Rewrote selection-code in ascommand.* and improved WinCommand.
	* Rewrote WinCommand to use newly created
	  libAfterStep/ascommand.c-part of libAfterStep.
	* added directories listing and panned views to ASGTKImageBrowser
	* removed main in ascommand.c which I forgot to do earlier.
	* Added ascommand.c, operations.c and headers to libAfterStep.
	* added widget for image directory list and image browser dialog
	* Implemented IconsGrowVertically.
	* growth from bottom to top now works correctly given that
	  geom->height is large enough to hold the requested number of
	* began implementing ASImage directory listing with preview and
	* moved generic functions for libAI and gtk integration into
	  separate module
	* implemented GTK widget for image viewing , usefull for image
	* fixed bug triggered by IconBox 300 +1 1200 -65. Sasha: Please
	  verify these changes. - fabs
	* more configure tweaks to get to link to libASGTK
	* moved shareable code from ASWallaper into new libASGTK
	* extra repaint in Wintabs was required
	* changed ASWallpaper to use FileSelection dialog
	* Applyed many fixes based on output of automated analysys tool,
	  provided by sdague
	* continued debugging of ASWallpaper - still segfaults
	* updated changelog for release of libAfterImage
	* libAfterImage release v.1.07
	* fixed segfault on closing of asview
	* debugging ASWallpaper
	* Added resize-handler to WinCommand.c and moved LoadColorScheme
	  beneath gtk-initialization to get around segault.
	* fixed sigsegv in args processing
	* fixed makefile for GWCommand and added AS integration code to it
	* Initial revision of GWCommand.c + changes in WinCommand.c.
	* adding filechooser dialog to ASWallpaper
	* Added "-pattern" support to Arrange and changed docs accordingly.

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