[As-users] New features in AfterStep 2.1.2

Fabian Yamaguchi (fabiany@gmx.net)
Thu, 21 Jul 2005 00:53:00 +0200

since the changelog is not at all self-explanatory, I thought I'd write up a short mail about the features which were introduced in this release.

This is the first GUI-tool which assists you in the configuration of AfterStep. This particular tool allows you to set the wallpaper like the name already implies. The beauty is that it shows off the possibilities you have when using XML-files in connection with libAfterImage.

During the creation of ASWallpaper many things were found to be so generic that AfterStep now has a new library: libASGTK. This library can be used by developers to create gtk-applications which work well with AfterStep. Code was written to adapt gtk-widgets to the current colorscheme and even the creation of gtkrc-files based on a colorscheme was implemented a day before the release.

There were some minor bugs in the IconBox-code. When Icons grew from right to left, you'd have to live with some very strange behaviour. This was fixed and a new feel-option was added: IconsGrowVertically allows you to create IconBoxes which first grow from top to bottom or from bottom to top and then to the left or right. You'll see what I mean (http://fabs.no-order.org/files/vert_icons.jpg)

AfterStep now supports posix-regexp anywhere where wild-regexp were supported. All patterns starting with "posix:" are treated as posix-regexp by AfterStep, all others are treated as wild-regexp.
This is particular useful in connection with WinTabs since you can now start WinTabs with arguments such as "--pattern posix:(term)|(mozilla)".

These two tools allow you to act on all windows matching a given posix regular expression. For example, you can use them to iconify all terminals or to send all of them to desk 1. Another neat feature is the jump-action which will jump to the first window which matches the given regexp.
GWCommand also allows you to group windows which match a given regexp. This goal was achieved by using the WinTabs-module.

By default, "GWCommand jump" is bound to ctrl+alt+j, "GWCommand iconify" to ctrl+alt+i and so on.

You'll find both ASWallpaper and GWCommand in your MonitorWharf.

Have fun with the new release :)

- fabs
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