[As-users] Odd window behavior

Jason Day (jasonday@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 25 Aug 2005 15:02:18 -0400

In every 2.x.x version of afterstep I've tried, I've noticed some odd
window behavior with gaim and xmms.  I've made gaim sticky, so that it's
windows show up on every viewport, and I'm also using peksystray and the
system tray icon plugin to hide the main window when I'm not using it.
This works fine, but whenever I unhide the buddy list, the viewport
switches to the desk where the buddy list was last active.  For example,
suppose I start gaim in Desk 0 (Work) and hide the buddy list.  Then I
go to Desk 1 (WWW), then unhide the buddy list.  Instead of displaying
the buddy list on my current viewport, the viewport switches to Desk 0
and the buddy list is displayed.  Is this expected behavior?  I do not
have StubbornIcons set in my feel file.

With xmms, I'm using the playlist and the equalizer windows, and have
the 3 windows "docked" together, so that they move as one unit.  But
every time I start xmms, the 3 windows are placed randomly on the
screen.  With afterstep 1.x, the 3 windows would remain "docked" when
xmms started.

These aren't major issues, just minor annoyances, but I would appreciate
any insight or help in fixing them.  I'm currently using afterstep 2.1.2
on gentoo.

And, of course, thanks for all the good work on afterstep.

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