[As-users] problems with 2.1.2

Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:19:04 -0500

	I was previously using Afterstep 1.8.11.  I've noticed some problems
with the new version.

1) I have the start menu mapped to the right mouse button.  It show up
	fine, but then acts as if I had clicked on its title bar.  i.e. It
	used to go away when I clicked elsewhere, but now it just stays there
	as if it was a normal program window.  Any submenus do the same.

2) When I move my mouse around, the window that the cursor ends
	up on doesn't always get the focus.  This seems to happen more when I
	move the mouse quickly.

3) if I start an program from the menu, click to place it when it
	shows up, then quickly move the mouse into the middle of the window, I
	get one of the help popups that says things like "Windowlist: button 3",
	etc...  I also get this sometimes when just moving the mouse around to
	different windows.

4) It seems a lot slower than 1.8.11.  Is this expected?  Maybe #2 and #3
	are more noticebly because of this?

5) I get several errors about obsolete config options.  e.g. things like:
Wharf ERROR: in Module:Wharf (line 12):Heh, It seems that I've encountered obsolete config option. I'll ignore it for now, Ok ?![FullPush]
AfterStep(/home/erh/.afterstep/non-configurable/0_look:17):This option is obsolete.  in [TitleButtonBalloonBorderColor  gray30]

	It seems like the standard config files have these options in them.

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