Re: [As-users] problems with 2.1.2 / 2.1.1

Andre De Michiel (
Mon, 19 Sep 2005 08:54:33 +1000


 I've been getting the same problems that you're describing (in both
2.1.2 and 2.1.1). I managed to partially track down what's occuring last
week as I was trying to bugfix a program at work and the problem ended
up being from AfterStep.

 I think all these issues are occuring because of some X mouse event
handling code. In an application that I know is working correctly (can
run it on the same machine in a different WM with no problems), if I
click the right mouse button, hold it (so i don't receive a mouse up
event) and then move the mouse around, I can sometimes see a series of
'mouse up/mouse down/mouse up/mouse down' events occur. This is
triggering click behaviour within AfterStep which is what I believe is
producing the results we are both seeing.

I'm about to revert to 2.00.04 and work my way back through the releases
until I get to a version that doesn't have this behaviour, and if I have
a chance will start looking at release diffs to see what could have
started this happening. Any pointers on where to look outside of


On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 02:19:04PM -0500, wrote:
> 	I was previously using Afterstep 1.8.11.  I've noticed some problems
> with the new version.
> 1) I have the start menu mapped to the right mouse button.  It show up
> 	fine, but then acts as if I had clicked on its title bar.  i.e. It
> 	used to go away when I clicked elsewhere, but now it just stays there
> 	as if it was a normal program window.  Any submenus do the same.
> 2) When I move my mouse around, the window that the cursor ends
> 	up on doesn't always get the focus.  This seems to happen more when I
> 	move the mouse quickly.
> 3) if I start an program from the menu, click to place it when it
> 	shows up, then quickly move the mouse into the middle of the window, I
> 	get one of the help popups that says things like "Windowlist: button 3",
> 	etc...  I also get this sometimes when just moving the mouse around to
> 	different windows.
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