[As-users] Problem with SloppyFocus and Java 1.5

Volker Ossenkopf (ossk@ph1.uni-koeln.de)
Sat, 01 Oct 2005 23:08:18 +0200

I noticed a very strange behaviour when switching on my platform
from Java 1.4 to Java 1.5 (alias Java2). The afterstep SloppyFocus
does no longer recognize Java application windows. When I move
the cursor into a Java application window, the focus remains
at the previous window.

If I have an active text area in the Java application, I can click
there and the focus changes to the new window after that click.
Without an area which is set to "accept_keystroke", there is no
way to get the focus to the Java application.

Any ideas how to circumvent that problem?

Best wishes
Volker Ossenkopf                                 ossk@ph1.uni-koeln.de
  Space Research Organization Netherlands - Groningen    +31 50 3634799
  1. Physikalisches Institut der Universität zu Köln    +49 221 4703485

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