[As-users] Theme generating and such

Shadow God (shadowgod@eurohack.net)
Sat, 22 Oct 2005 00:15:55 -0500

 figured I'd throw this here.. 

Trying to work on making a theme tarball for my XP look.

And infact, maybe my additions b0rked something.. Cause I noticed there were
no Install* functions for installing desktop/bars or desktop/buttons. So I
tried adding them (though they don't seem to work.. Yet).

In my tarball (not gz or anything)

I have a file called install_script

#AfterStep theme

Function "ApplyTheme"
        InstallIcon     "name"  sgxp-wharfbg
        InstallIcon     "name"  sgxp-wharfbg-sel

Just for testing the installicon function. Those two files are in the
tarball with the script, not in any subdir or anything.

In the console I get:
can't open sgxp-wharfbg !
can't open sgxp-wharfbg-sel !

Now.. I go into ~/.afterstep/desktop/icons and the files are listed there,
with 0 bytes. Like it did a touch of those files.

Also, for the code side of things.. 

In src/afterstep/theme.c line 243 (or there bouts) is:

					int len = strlen( name );
					added_new = False ;
					if( len > 4 )
						if( mystrncasecmp(
&(name[len-4]), ".xpm", 4 ) == 0 )
"adding Install icon command for \"%s\"", name );
							install_func->func =
							install_func->name =
mystrdup( name );
							install_func->text =
make_file_name( theme_dir, name );
							added_new = True ;

Now, this means it will only install files with a filename longer than 4
characters (lack of brackets also confuses me a bit)? Though the .xpm check
there is also throwing me off.. Is it seeing if its not or is .xpm before
doing the install_func stuff?

Btw.. I'm trying to work out a little howto for creating theme
tarballs/files. Its at

Taken from what sasha told us some days ago on irc.


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