Re: [As-users] potpourri of problems and wishes

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 07 Nov 2005 13:43:34 -0600 wrote:

> Dear Aftersteppers!
> I am having the following problems with our great window manager:
> please help me out if you know how to solve these issues, if they
> cannot be solved, i formally ask for a solution for those, since
> they represent the last items that are missing for a really _perfect_
> 2-d wm.
> after that afterstep should _really_ be able to emulate (almost) any
> (static) 2-d interface out there.
> it would be absolute dream if those could be done before
> the upcoming 2.2 release + maybe that would give me enough time
> to release asdemothemes and complete docs for that release.
> as an appetizer for those demothemes look at
> (please note that 3 of those themes are not from me, so if you'd
> like to add your theme to this list you're welcome to do so.)
> but 2.2 will be the biggest step forward since 2.0 anyway :)
> now to my problems/wishes:
> *shaped balloons:
>  -i could not remove the bevel from titlebar-balloons.

TitleButtonBalloonBorderHilite  None

or for modules :

*ModulenameBalloonBorderHilite  None

>  -MyStyle *PagerBalloon does not work (at least not with slicedimages)
Works for me - check your pager config - it should be set by the line :

BalloonStyle		"*PagerBalloon"

If you don't have it then "default" MyStyle will be used.

>  -an option to control position of text in balloon would be very fine
>   (i personnally only need something like a border option since thick
>    shaped borders look awfull if text is over them.)

Hmm, which of the following keyboard would be good :
1) BalloonTextMarginX and BalloonTextMarginY ?
2) BalloonTextBorderX and BalloonTextBorderY ?
3) BalloonTextSpacingX and BalloonTextSpacingY ?

> *winlist
>  -no idea how to position icons in winlist

Use combination of :
*WinListIconLocation  ( in range of 0 to 9, with 0 being the default )
*WinListIconAlign     ( usuall align flags )
*WinListAlign     ( to control align of the text )

Due to a wicked way in which AfterStep handles placements of the 
elements within a bar , you may need to play abit with all three of them 
to get proper placement, for example to get both icon and label next to 
each other in the middle of the bar you want :

*WinListIconLocation 4
*WinListIconAlign Right,VCenter
*WinListAlign Left,VCenter	

> *wintabs
>  -no window if no app is found would be very convenient, since i tend
>   to kill it if it is empty.

No can do. When WinTabs is empty, you can use its buttons to swallow 
windows interactively. Besides presence of WinTabs window indicates that 
its active and that whenever proper swallowable window comes up it is 
expected to be swallowed.

> *pager
>  -is it possible to exclude windows from being displayed in pager (could
>   make use of winlistskiplist)

I suppose I could add an option to get it to obey a SkipWinlist flag

>  -decoration is not correct (only when first mapped, after move or resize
>   everything is as it should be)

needs some debuggin - is on a backburner for me as its not particularly 
entertaining task. Same goes for wrong Pager size after shade-unshade 
and look changes  - is a pain to figure out.

> *wharf
>  -ability to add a spacer to folders so opened folder would be between
>   folderbuttonimage and spacer

I suppose I could add an option to specify at which offset folder should 
be displayed. right now its hardcoded as -5.

> swallowing stuff: popups and menus cannot be swallowed. 


still problems with
> applets

Which ones ?

> thanks for your time

You welcome

> Niklas Lunger
> lazy AfterStep Documentator

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