[As-users] Re: 2 AfterStep bugs

Sean Dague (sean@dague.net)
Fri, 25 Nov 2005 10:51:57 -0500

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On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 08:36:52AM -0500, Sean Dague wrote:
> 1) If I do Desktop->Update All the Pager ends up squashed (i.e. it is 1/2
> the height it used to be, though exactly the same width).  Stopping and
> restarting the pager returns it to normal.
> 2) All KDE apps (K3B, Akregator, and I know I've tried others) that open =
> windows are having those windows go to VirtualDesktop 0x0 (the top most,
> left most virtual desktop).  Really annoying when all the dialog windows =
> up, and you have to change desktop to find them.

Related to bug #2, which=20
"Style   "*"             Icon interface.xpm, UseCurrentViewport"

did nothing to help,

The Java windowing bugs seem to be running full steam again.  Windows don't
get focus when they should, which makes them unusable because you can't
modify input boxes if the application doesn't have focus. :(

Any help, thoughts?



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