[As-users] Newbie

. (intent@netpratique.fr)
Sat, 3 Dec 2005 18:46:28 +0100


I am not quite a newbie in fact since i used Afterstep in the past, years 
ago :)

Well i am trying to use Afterstep (v2.1.2 from Debian testing) instead of KDE, 
my needs are somehow specific.

First i am doing midi/audio works with jackd (an audio server) and it runs 
with realtime privilege. The window manager needs to be lightweight with low 
CPU usage and since i have 2 computers i need to be able to position the 
applications on the virtual spaces.

So far i have to say that Afterstep is nice because you can configurate it 
entirely. I have removed most of the modules from my autoexec script. 

Now, after several painfull attempts to edit the various scripts, i am 
starting to think that AS could be a keeper if i manage to iron out the last 
things that annoy me. :)

I am likely to post some questions about it soon. 


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