Re: [As-users] A mysterious screensaver ?

. (
Sun, 4 Dec 2005 19:51:28 +0100

Ahhh thanks, added in the autoexec ! :)

May I suggest some hints (some setting lines to be 
uncommented) about it in the autoexec file ? This is the kind of thing that 
take you a lot of time to discover by yourself :/

Or may be an entry in the FAQ could be more suitable.



On Dimanche 04 Décembre 2005 02:42, wrote:
> > Hello,
> Hi
> > I have a hard time figuring out why the screen get black after a little
> > while :) (like a screensaver)
> well this is an xserver default to blank the screen after inactivity to
> protect it. this can be turned with xset. consult the man page of this
> little usefull tool. this tool is especially handy to set runtime options
> of your xserver like mouse settings during startup (~/.afterstep/autoexec)
> use "xset s noblank" to turn it off.

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