Re: [As-users] lock up
Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:37:24 +0100 (CET)

Hey !

have this too, as it is randomly and usually only happens after lots of
hours of work, i cannot make a log file since it would flood my disk (only
around 1 gig free - with log file growing at ~200mb/hour or higher). what
happens on my side is afterstep becomes slower and slower, until it
so it is not out of nowhere for me. usually restarting afterstep solves the

tip : if x does not react, it does not mean afterstep is completely gone;
i usually only kill x if i cannot restart as from one of the consoles
to do so : export DISPLAY=:0 ; Restart

almost always works for me. oh, forgot to ask - are you using debian
afterstep debs ? if so beware that debian removed mmx support from the
package so expect it to run slower then compiled from source...

niklas aka born2late

> i'm running on a debian Etch system.
> the past week or so my system has been randomly locking up.
> it started out everyother day
> then it was once a day
> then it was every few hours
> when it reached the point of being every few hours i started running top
> to
> see what application was running away.
> turn out it was afterstep.
> i switched to what ever is the default for gnome and it hasn't locked
> since.
> but i really hate it and want my afterstep back.
> am i the only one who's seen this?
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