[As-users] Various Afterstep questions

Mark Tilford (ralphmerridew@gmail.com)
Wed, 25 Jan 2006 09:12:18 -0600

1)  http://afterstep.org/ will seem to connect, but won't advance;
only http://www.afterstep.org/ will work.

2)  I'm using afterstep from afterstep_2.2.0-1_i386.deb .  I want new
windows to automatically position themselves, but tall windows (gaim
and firefox) need to be manually positioned.  How do I set that?

3)  Though the StartsOnDesk option is commented out in database,
firefox will still use that desk.

4)  Go to the lower right corner of your desktop.  Open up xv.  Right
click on it.  The filelist window will appear in the upper left corner
of the desktop instead.  How do I avoid that problem?

5)  When I try to move windows around using the pager, the resolution
thingy appears right in the middle of the pager, completely obscuring
my view.  How do I make it go away (or at least appear out of the way
in the middle of the screen, like in previous versions)?
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