Re: [As-users] Weird window behaviour

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:23:30 -0600

Ushnish Basu wrote:
> PpKamiK <> wrote:
>>1) The window manager took the control of all my windows colors, and I can not
>>find a way to use the default colors for firefox, thunderbird,
>>xchat.. screenshoot attached
>>From the 'NEW' file:
>>version 2.2.0 release
>>	*Made possible application of the colorscheme to KDE and GTK apps.
> Remove the files .gtkrc* from your home directory (or change to whatever
> they were before) and from the install directory of afterstep.
> It would be good to know how to avoid this color reconfiguration using
> some option in AfterStep.
> Ushnish

In the same NEW file :
   	* Added Base config settings :
		NoKDEGlobalsTheming  (flags to disable updated to kdeglobals)

add this :

gtkrc20Path ~/.gtkrc_afterstep
gtkrc20Path ~/.gtkrc-20_afterstep


to your base.
then you can edit your ~/.gtkrc  to include above autogenerated files if 
desired. I apologise for auto-overwriting ~/.gtkrc  by default, but it 
is all due to GTK stupidity. Basically it has mechanism to notify apps 
of gtkrc change, but unless timestamp of ~/.gtkrc has changed - this 
mechanism don't work.

Same thing about KDE - it is rather silly as well : It allows you to 
generate your own colorscheme file, but it will also need to be 
duplicated in kdeglobals

My own recommendation is to edit :

BTW menu now has an items for autoopening config files in editor of your 

Menu/Desktop/Config Files

It will do the task of copying files from shared directory into your 
private directory automagically, if those files are not in private dir.

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