[As-users] FollowTitleChanges and TextureMenuItemsIndividually

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Csaba_Hal=E1sz?= (csaba.halasz@gmail.com)
Wed, 1 Feb 2006 03:19:27 +0100

Hello guys!

I have been using afterstep for something like 7 years, but I have not
kept up with the development. I have been happily using version 1.8
for quite some time.

But now that I have been able to get rid of windows at my workplace
(finally!), I had to do a clean install. I was wondering whatever
happened to afterstep and I have been pleasantly surprised to see it
is still actively developed. So first let me thank everybody involved
in the project for this great wm.

I have spent some time upgrading the look&feel settings I have made up
for myself.
Most things went smoothly and there are nice new features to play with.

I had two problems though.

First one looks to be a user error, and after a little debugging I
realized what I have done wrong. However I do think it is a bug as
well, even though the feature I wanted is working. Now I'd better tell
you what I'm talking about, you are not mind-readers after all. I had
trouble with the FollowTitleChanges option. It didn't follow title
changes. Minor issue, really :) Anyway, I was using
"FollowTitleChanges 0" and "FollowTitleChanges 1" in the config file.
For some strange reason I thought that's right. It isn't, but I didn't
get any warnings. You either have to specify the option or leave it
out, as with all similar flags. My fault. So I comment it out, and
voila, it's doing what I want. Now to the bug part: I think this
option should only affect whether hints and such are updated for title
changes, not whether title changes are reflected in the window title
bar. To cut a long story short: if I use this option then window
titles don't get updated.

The other issue concerns the TextureMenuItemsIndividually flag. Plain
simply it does not work, menu items are always textured individually.
But I'd like to get my nice globally textured menu back, please
help... I have looked at the source code, the flag gets read alright,
but it is not used anywhere. The last traces of it are in menus.c some
3 years back, in Revision 1.10.

Oh yes, one more thing: there are some pretty frightening compilation
warnings about 32 vs 64 bit pointers and values but AS seems to be
working anyway. (I am using gcc-4.0 on an athlon64) I guess you
already know about these.

In spite of these issues, AS is still a fine window manager and I plan
on using it for some more years :)

Thanks and greets,

PS: Sorry for the longish mail.
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