Re: [As-users] Installing AS

Will Durden (
Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:05:01 -0700

Thanks Nathan,
I think I've found a bug, I can not open either ASRun or GWCommand, when 
I click on the run button or the GWCommand/WINCommand buttons they start 
to open and then close  quickly.  I ran both commands in a command 
window and copied the output to a txt file.  I'm still fairly new to 
this, I'll submit them to the bug list.

I was able to figure out how to edit the Wharf and have had fun 
configuring the buttons.  Thank you.

Nathan Mahon wrote:

> On of the more beautiful parts of afterstep is the complete ability to 
> change the look and *feel* of your interface to exactly what you want.
> We do have a run module now...  just bind yourself a hotkey to exec 
> ASRun  ... and you should be in good shape.
> Configuring monitorwharf is done the same way as configuring wharf... 
> by editing the config file.
> The standard operation is this, copy an original from 
> /usr/share/afterstep/wharf to ~/.afterstep, then edit ~/.afterstep/wharf
> There is lots of documentation in man Wharf, on, and 
> in the wharf config file itself.
> n8
> Will Durden wrote:
>> I seem to have installed AS ok, I can select it to start, but I'm 
>> trying to configure the MonitorWharf, and have not found a graphical 
>> way to do this.  Also is there a way to open a run command window, 
>> similar to Alt&F2?
>> Thanks,
>> Will
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