Re: [As-users] FollowTitleChanges and TextureMenuItemsIndividually

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:25:09 -0600

Csaba Halász wrote:
> Hello guys!
> changes. Minor issue, really :) Anyway, I was using
> "FollowTitleChanges 0" and "FollowTitleChanges 1" in the config file.
> For some strange reason I thought that's right. It isn't, but I didn't
> get any warnings. You either have to specify the option or leave it
> out, as with all similar flags. My fault. So I comment it out, and
Fixed in CVS, thanks.

> voila, it's doing what I want. Now to the bug part: I think this
> option should only affect whether hints and such are updated for title
> changes, not whether title changes are reflected in the window title
> bar. To cut a long story short: if I use this option then window
> titles don't get updated.

I'll need to debug that

> The other issue concerns the TextureMenuItemsIndividually flag. Plain
> simply it does not work, menu items are always textured individually.
> But I'd like to get my nice globally textured menu back, please
> help... I have looked at the source code, the flag gets read alright,
> but it is not used anywhere. The last traces of it are in menus.c some
> 3 years back, in Revision 1.10.

Unortunately that is one feature that is gone for good. The way 
rendering is done now is prohibitive of whole-menu gradient, other then 

> Oh yes, one more thing: there are some pretty frightening compilation
> warnings about 32 vs 64 bit pointers and values but AS seems to be
> working anyway. (I am using gcc-4.0 on an athlon64) I guess you
> already know about these.

gcc 4 is a big blubbermouth. I simply got sick and tired of keeping up 
with its ever increasing level of complains.

> In spite of these issues, AS is still a fine window manager and I plan
> on using it for some more years :)

Thanks :)

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