[As-users] AS 2.2.1, problems

Andre Yelistratov (andre@sundale.net)
Fri, 17 Mar 2006 23:44:04 +0300

Hello !

I have a fresh 2.x installation over 1.8.

I've got a critical problem with Pager:
then my active window is not upper leftmost one, and I am trying
to move application using mouse middle button inside the Pager,
the application window immediately jumps according to the difference 
from upper leftmost window.

Illustration of my pager:

Window1               Window2
ActiveWindow          Window4
Window5               Window6

If I pick something at Window4 and try to move it, small aplication 
window jumps immediatley to Window6, while mouse cursor is still in 
Window4. If I move mouse cursor to Window2 - application window will 
land to Window4.

If (ActiveWindow == Window1) there is no such problem, everything works 
as it should.

Any idea ?

Thank you.

PS Also, what happened with wonderful animation in wharf, then you
unfold some Folder ? In 1.8 icons moved like train from the folder, in 
2.2 they are simply drawn pixel by pixel with no move.
Am I missing something ?
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