[As-users] AfterStep with Gnome

John Gruenenfelder (johng@as.arizona.edu)
Mon, 20 Mar 2006 22:03:53 -0700


I'm trying to get AS working as the window manager for Gnome, but I'm having
little success.  According to the docs, AS supports all of the necessary hints
and standards to work with Gnome.  I also notice that there is no longer a
Gnome module (as there was in 1.8.x) so I assume this functionality is now in
AS proper.

To get this to work I have tried the following:

1) Started a regular Gnome session.  The WM was metacity.  From a terminal
command line, I did:
  kill <metacity PID> ; afterstep &

This did replace metacity with AS.  However, the Gnome window list did not
show any of the aterm windows that were opened.  Also, Afterstep was not
listed as running in Gnome's session manager.

2) Digging around on the Internet, I found a site which suggested putting the
following in .xsession (which is where I usually launch AS from):
  afterstep &
  exec gnome-session

AS started followed by most bits of Gnome.  Like in the first case, the Gnome
window list didn't show my aterms or other windows.  Also, Gnome's session
manager was still trying to load metacity.  It wasn't, of course, because AS
was already running.

3) I edited the gconf database and found the keys where Gnome's session
manager stores the name of the window manager to launch on startup.  I set
this key to /usr/bin/afterstep.  I then tried to launch a normal Gnome
session.  AS started, but Gnome didn't.  This is because the session manager
was, apparently, waiting for some communication from AS that it had indeed

What is the correct procedure to use AfterStep with Gnome?  I certainly don't
want to leave AS, but there are a few features of Gnome which I like.  In my
current setup I have a WinList bar across the top.  Ideally, I would like to
replace that with a Gnome panel, but otherwise leave my AS session intact.  Is
this possible to do?

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