[As-users] Aterm 1.1 - YOUR HELP NEEDED!

Nathan Mahon (as_ml@vaevictus.net)
Wed, 08 Mar 2006 11:21:39 -0500

Hey guys, we've got a little housekeeping to do, and we need your help!
We've got a number of major fixes in aterm1.1, but we need to do some 
accounting in our .Xdefaults options.
Over the years, we've made a few obsolete, and a added a few unknowns.

I've made a database application for leaving comments and ratings on our 
options, and we've got 41 left to verify.
Please contribute!


You'll need to make a simple login.  Feel free to email me with 
questions or comments!


n8 - 'Vaevictus'

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