Re: [As-users] Pager/Wharf stays on top
Mon, 27 Mar 2006 17:13:22 +0200 (CEST)


default afterstep policy is having avoidcover set implicitly for all modules.
to allow windows to be placed under/over the as module you need to
addd AllowCover in the database for the offending module(s).

the other database option you are looking for is Layer.
i just can't remember what default is, but i'd try Layer 1, Layer 0 etc...
(was mentioned a fiew months ago on the list...)

greets Niklas

> Hi List,
>     Assuming that I haven't missed the obvious: how can prevent that the
> pager
> and wharf windows cover other windows (instead of being covered by
> them). Also, sometimes I notice that a window can simply not be moved over
> the
> border of the pager or wharf windows.
>     I would like to be able to freely move around the windows over all
> pages,
> unblocked by other windows, and I would like to have a window that I
> requested to be in the foreground to  be completely in the foreground
> without
> being partially blocked from view by, e.g., pager and wharf.
>     Any hints?
>     Thanks in advance,
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