[As-users] font help

John Meissen (john@meissen.org)
Tue, 28 Mar 2006 22:26:05 -0800

Anyone know how to find out what font is actually being used in the
titlebar? It would seem that in my existing setup the font that's specified
doesn't actually exist. But the titlebars have a nice, very clean font.
I've looked through all of the AS config files I can find, but none of
the font specifications seem to produce the same font.

Also, I'm trying to duplicate in AS 2.0 the effect I'm seeing in AS 1.8.
Specifically, the "TextStyle 1" shadowed effect. It appears to most
closely resemble the "TextStyle 8" in AS 2.0, but in all cases in 2.0
the font spacing expands significantly, whereas in 1.8 there is no
difference in spacing between "TextStyle 0" and "TextStyle 1". The
latter produces a much cleaner look.

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