Re: [As-users] font help

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 29 Mar 2006 11:19:53 -0600

John Meissen wrote:

> Anyone know how to find out what font is actually being used in the
> titlebar? It would seem that in my existing setup the font that's specified
> doesn't actually exist. But the titlebars have a nice, very clean font.
> I've looked through all of the AS config files I can find, but none of
> the font specifications seem to produce the same font.

If font in MyStyle fails to load then default font of "fixed" will be used.

> Also, I'm trying to duplicate in AS 2.0 the effect I'm seeing in AS 1.8.
> Specifically, the "TextStyle 1" shadowed effect. It appears to most
> closely resemble the "TextStyle 8" in AS 2.0, but in all cases in 2.0
> the font spacing expands significantly, whereas in 1.8 there is no
> difference in spacing between "TextStyle 0" and "TextStyle 1". The
> latter produces a much cleaner look.

Could you get me a screenshots to compare?

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