RE: [As-users] Skype & afterstep - docking problem

Shadow God (
Thu, 16 Mar 2006 13:48:12 -0600

Hmm.. I don't recall if 1.8 had the database file.. I guess it did.. Or
something equiv.

But to get the systray apps working on 2.x I just added this to my
~/.afterstep/database file:
Style   "peksystray"    AvoidCover,StartIconic,NoTitle, Layer 4,NoHandles

Essentially, these systray apps have to be iconified before you'll see the
tray apps.


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Subject: [As-users] Skype & afterstep - docking problem

Hello !

I am trying to make Skype docking properly under AfterStep.
Skype seems to be using KDE-style systray, which is (not ?) supported.
I tried docker, wmsystray and peksystray with no success.

Has anyone succeeded taming this beast to dock ?

Thank you.

PS I use AS 1.8, if it matters.

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