[As-users] Configuration confusion

John Meissen (john@meissen.org)
Sat, 22 Apr 2006 19:15:40 -0700

I'm still trying to migrate from 1.8. <sigh> So many defaults changed,
so little clue where to fix them.....

How do I make Wharf be NOT transparent? The options I specified in my
1.8 version of the wharf file don't seem to have any effect, and I can't
figure it out from the local or online docs or the default config files.

How can I get window movement to NOT stop at every window edge (visible
or not)? It's really annoying, and makes it impossible to move windows
where I want them.

Why is are there inconsistencies in title-bar operations? For almost all
windows, clicking once on a foreground window sends it to the back and
clicking once on the title bar of a non-foreground window brings it to 
the front. But with Firefox when I click and release on the title bar
it goes into "window move" mode. Aaaargh! So I can't send Firefox to the
front or back by clicking on it.

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