Re: [As-users] Configuration confusion

Nathan 'Vaevictus' Mahon (
Sat, 22 Apr 2006 22:40:21 -0400

>Why is are there inconsistencies in title-bar operations? For almost all
>windows, clicking once on a foreground window sends it to the back and
>clicking once on the title bar of a non-foreground window brings it to 
>the front. But with Firefox when I click and release on the title bar
>it goes into "window move" mode. Aaaargh! So I can't send Firefox to the
>front or back by clicking on it.
that's not as inconsistant as it appears.
AfterStep, (and X? ) utilize layers to keep window groups oriented based 
on what kind of window they are.
It's possible that database entries are placing firefox on a different 
layer or something.

Though... i'm not sure why it'd go into move mode if you weren't holding 
down the button.

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