[As-users] aterm placement

Bill Carlson (bill-carlson@uiowa.edu)
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 08:45:55 -0500 (CDT)

Hey All,

I'm doing the typical upgrade, been running AS 1.8.x forever and moved to 
2.1.2. I've skimmed through the mail lists  looking for the correct info 
and have come up short.

What is the proper way to get say an aterm running at +0+0 (relative, as
in upper left corner) in the current Viewport via a menu item?

I've also run into issue with workspace_state, I have items like:

        Exec "I:XTerm:aterm:#4" aterm -geometry 80x24+1977+649   -tr -sh 
60 -bg 
black -fg white &
        Wait "I:XTerm:aterm:#4" DefaultGeometry 581x340+1977+649 , Layer 
0, Slip
pery, StartsOnDesk 0, ViewportX 2560, ViewportY 0, StartNormal

which always starts on in the upper left Viewport. This entry from the 
generated workspace_state, no hand editing involved.

Is this a known issue?

Bill Carlson
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