Re: [As-users] My AfterStep wishlist
Thu, 20 Apr 2006 12:58:42 +0200 (CEST)

> Hey AS users,


> First, what if when we right-click (or any other key/binding/...) on a
> winlist item, the Window menu would popup? That would makes me use winlist
> even more often...

this winlist click feature stuff is already possible...

reading docs is always helpfull, even if they are chaotic & incomplete :)
for some reason unknown to me i removed it from the html/php presentation
part (introduction)...

> Now for the BEEFY feature requests... I want systray support! ;)
> Every external systray tools sucks and don't integrate well with AS. Some
> systray enabled apps, such as gaim and various music player/manager
> actually
> use systray very well.
> Finally, I can't stand wmapps for monitoring and I dream about ASmonitor
> everyday :D.
> Sasha, your work is much much appreciated!

true true, sasha breathes life into long-thought-dead-but-still-kicking-AS

> Bye bye,

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