[As-users] mplayer in Afterstep

Pavel Kraus (pavel.kraus@matfyz.cz)
Thu, 11 May 2006 12:40:23 +0200

Hi, I am using Afterstep in Debian testing, and since introduction of 
Afterstep 2 (it is at 2.2.1 now) I have been ancountering some strange 
behaviour (and now finally I actually got to asking about it):

1) When I run mplayer (without GUI - I don't use it), the window has no 
decorations. I am especially missing the titlebar, which would allow me to 
move it. I tried to look into database file, but did not find any setting 
resembling mplayer.

2) If I switch mplayer to full screen, the collumn occupied by wharf is not 
covered. I tried to play with wharf settings, giving it different layers, but 
it did not help.

3) I observe the same behaviour as in 2 with GQView. When switched to full 
screen, it only covers full screen minus the wharf collumn.

4) If I view a big picture with display command of ImageMagick, first I see a 
window of appropriate size, which I have to place. This is not a problem, but 
once I do it, the picture is immediately rescaled to a small size (I guess 
about 128x128). 

I had none of these problems with 1.8 and I do not have them in fluxbox. 

Does anyone know what to do?


Pavel Kraus
GPG/PGP FP: 982B E56B 1372 FD2A AA14  9A7D A35F 7B2C 1275 9D7F
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