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Pavel Kraus (
Thu, 11 May 2006 17:58:16 +0200 teithant o Re: [As-users] mplayer in Afterstep:
> 1-3)
> database is the right one indeed, try using Ident to know what to fill...
> (start menu -> modules -> ident)
> with it you can identify windows by window name, icon name or resource
> class
> just add a line for mplayer (and gqview) to database and add the params
> you want - see

Thanks. Ident showed me that there is an MPlayer entry, so I finally found it 
(and I would probably find it much sooner, if I tried the search with capital 
P and M... ;-) So now I have the window decorations.

> Style "MPlayer" Layer 2
> for example works fine here for mplayer, analog for gqview

However, here it does not work for me. I have wharf at layer 1 (and I also 
tried 0 and -1) and mplayer at layer 2, 3 or 4 but when I maximize mplayer 
window (well, it is not maximizing; I press "f" to go to full screen mode), 
wharf is still uncovered. I also tried to set it to AllowCover, but it did 
not help. Neither with mplayer, nor with imagemagick.

Just to clear it up a bit, Wharf is the only module causing me problems, 
probably because I do not use Winlist and Pager is swallowed in Wharf.

So, what now?

Pavel Kraus
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