Re: [As-users] mplayer in Afterstep
Fri, 12 May 2006 04:40:35 +0200 (CEST)

Hey !!!

well if no-one else is replying, more details on your afterstep config
would be usefull...

ranging from database file to look etc, just depends how much you've
changed from afterstep defaults... even if i never used 'em myself i am
willing to help you, but more info on your actual setup is needed...

i think you already said what version of AfterStep you use for ex...

i'll try 'em out myself in case...



P.S.: sorry, alcohol is interfering in my brain right now....

> teithant o Re: [As-users] mplayer in Afterstep:
>> 1-3)
>> database is the right one indeed, try using Ident to know what to
>> fill...
>> (start menu -> modules -> ident)
>> with it you can identify windows by window name, icon name or resource
>> class
>> just add a line for mplayer (and gqview) to database and add the params
>> you want - see
> Thanks. Ident showed me that there is an MPlayer entry, so I finally found
> it
> (and I would probably find it much sooner, if I tried the search with
> capital
> P and M... ;-) So now I have the window decorations.
>> Style "MPlayer" Layer 2
>> for example works fine here for mplayer, analog for gqview
> However, here it does not work for me. I have wharf at layer 1 (and I also
> tried 0 and -1) and mplayer at layer 2, 3 or 4 but when I maximize mplayer
> window (well, it is not maximizing; I press "f" to go to full screen
> mode),
> wharf is still uncovered. I also tried to set it to AllowCover, but it did
> not help. Neither with mplayer, nor with imagemagick.
> Just to clear it up a bit, Wharf is the only module causing me problems,
> probably because I do not use Winlist and Pager is swallowed in Wharf.
> So, what now?
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> Pavel Kraus
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