[As-users] afterstep and evolution

Thorsten Gajewski (Thorsten@geier0815.de)
Sun, 14 May 2006 16:33:09 +0200


I'm using afterstep on Debian Sid and have funny problems with it:
Starting evolution with autostart or wharf sets the menues to englisch,
starting over aterm the language is german. Next problem is that
evolution will not start on Desktop 2

Style "evolution" Icon normal/MailBox2, IgnoreConfig # , StartsOnDesk 2

is in the database-file but seems to have no effect. The same entry for
kmail formerly starts kmail on desktop 2, I don't see any different
between the programs, but it seems that there is one.

I'll hope someone can give me a hint were to look after a solution.

Sorry for my lousy english.

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