Re: [As-users] 2.2.2 Release Announcement!

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 09:46:16 +0200

Jeff Krebs a écrit :
> Not having the issue, AS 2.2.2 runs fine on my system (FC5).

Thanks a lot Jeff for your confirmation. That is appreciated.

I am taking the liberty to send this answer to the list as well
so people can follow the case.

> If AS is actually running but you have ghosted items in your menus,
> my gut says "paths".

I have the same feeling.

> You mentioned that you changed the path to
> /usr/local/afterstep-2.2.2... Have you tried it default?

I only changed the default path when compiling AfterStep:
configure --prefix=/usr/local/afterstep-2.2.2

I didn't change the paths afterward in the configuration files.
So this configuration should really work.

My aim is to be able to install many different versions of AfterStep
on my machines so that I can be sure to always have a stable running
AfterStep version while being able to test the new ones and give
potential feedback.

As you suggested I will try to reinstall AfterStep by doing a
single "configure", and I will report here. If this works the
problem really comes from my configuration. But from now, being an
old AfterStep user and tester, I've never such problems. Maybe some
parts of old deployments are lurking somewhere but I am almost 100%
sure that's not the case.


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