Re: [As-users] doing something for java applications ?

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Thu, 8 Jun 2006 16:54:22 +0200

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 20:21, Volker Ossenkopf wrote:

> I notice two kinds of problems (only with Java 1.5, Java 1.4 behaves
> always well):
> If a Java application shows an input window, the main window does not
> get the focus back after the dialog window is closed, no way what I
> do with the mouse, or which settings I use for feeling.
> The "background windows". If an application shows a widget which can
> be used with the mouse only, everything is fine for the first time.
> If the application sets the widget invisible because everything is
> entered and I reopen it later again (setting it visible) it does not
> get a "window"  any more. No borders, no handles it stays on the root
> window on every desktop/screen without a possibility to move or
> activate it.
Good description of the problem :)

The offending windows don't have border/handle and don't appear anymore in the
windows list (middle button here). It leads me to think that some corruption 
occurs and AS fails to keep theses windows on control. 

I would be happy to know more about this trouble, specially if a developper of 
AfterStep is reading and would like to expose possible countermeasures :)) 

> > I would like to know if there is workaround, specially for the java
> > applet, that i am going to use in my day job. The applet appears as
> > "java_vm" with the "ps" command, maybe i could set something in the AS
> > database ?
> As my main applications for work are written in Java 1.5 (not by me)
> I have to run a separate window manager (fluxbox) in a xnest to get
> my Java work done - no really acceptable work around.
> Best wishes
> 		Volker
I had a hard time today fighting with another applet that caused me a bad 
reaction at an important moment ($$ involved).

So far this applet have behaved rather well despite the known quirks, but it 
appears to me that in the rush you can be confused dealing with thoses, and 
cannot take that risk.

I think i would be better of to use KDE for now and i sincerly hope that this 
issue will receive a proper amount of attention at its time. ;-)

AS is still one of nicest WM i know, so i can only express my supportive 
feeling to the dev-team.

> Best wishes
> 		Volker


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