Re: [As-users] doing something for java applications ?

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Mon, 12 Jun 2006 19:02:55 +0200

On Monday 12 June 2006 18:31, you wrote:

> Some applications (most notably Open Office) tend to assign type Dialog
> to some of its windows, but not the others. Since AS is an enlightened
> window manager and knows how to treat window types properly - it puts
> dialog windows to a higher layer, causing them top overlay other
> windows. I suspect that sawfish does something similar.
> As the result, for example in Open Office you get a dialog window with
> its type set to Dialog that pops up at the top, then you get another
> dialog window for confirmation message, which type is set strangely to
> Normal. Obviously it gets put at the lower layer, and first dialog will
> keep overlaying it no matter what you do, unless you bring it to a
> higher layer using Window menu commend.
> I've added two new Styles to the database that resolve this issue for
> Open Office. I suspect that other apps you are having trouble with -
> have same problem. Use Ident module to see what Layer they get put into,
> and then use database to override it.
> Just a side note: Adding
> Style "*" Layer 0
> to the beginning of the database will FORCE every window to be on the
> same layer, after which you could selectively bring some windows up by
> adding Styles after it.
> Sasha

As again i would like to thank you about your attention concerning this little 
problem and your quick answer :)

I have added the line to the beginning of the database but i think that they 
are several issues we are dealing with. I hope that it fixes the case with 
Open Office and i am still happy to discover new way to fine tune AS when it 
will needed.

BUT.... ;)

Unfortunatly it has no effect on the problem some of us have.

BTW, I tried the Ident Module on some usal windows, but there is no Layer 
field. There are some others field like Frame Window ID and Client Window ID.

Moreover i cannot use "Ident" on the buggy windows (stucked on the 
background), it produce an error message similar to when you use "Ident" on 
the background.

And i think we are reaching an important point here, the problematic windows 
that follow you on whatever virtual screen you go, seem to be out of the 
normal windows handling by AS.

In short, they don't appear anymore in the windows list on the concerned 

This means that this problem is peculiar and for sure it is important that you 
can make an observation by yourself.

For that i am sending you a few data in private in case it helps. :)



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