Re: [As-users] doing something for java applications ?

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Sat, 17 Jun 2006 02:23:03 +0200

On Friday 16 June 2006 06:40, Sasha V. wrote:
> Ok, I finally nailed it.
> Java was smartly enough changing dialog box properties just
> before unmapping it, causing AS to remap frame window subwindows
> ( including client itself) just after the client was unmapped,
> So as the result window was falling out of the AS control and at
> the same time remained mapped and visible.
> Well, I changed that code to only remap decoration windows and
> except client window from that.
> Commited to CVS. WE probably need to release 2.2.3 now
> Thank you all, sorry it took me so long to fix.
> Sasha Vasko

Confirmed, it works blatantly well now :-)
Both of my java applets react just fine without any trouble. :)

I am very happy, thanks a lot indeed. AS is the only WM that i know that 
offers "overscreen" coordinates (I don't know how to phrase it). It allows 
the applications that can memorize windows geometry to restore the exact 
setup on several virtual screens at once. 

Some java applications do that,  and my setup is made of 27 (3 virtual screens 
x 9 windows) windows that open right as i saved their state :)

Invaluable !!  

I cannot be very technical with the specific unmapping problem that you had to 
deal with but i have the impression that you are a little ironic about 
Java. :) It seems that it's not much expected to change dialog box properties 
before unmapping :) 

Java solved, but I made a test with MusE (Qt based) and unfortunatly this 
application (wich doesn't use any java stuff) still shows the "stuck ghost 
window" issue and the new CVS fix doesn't cure it. This the only remaining 
offending application (and the only QT based program that does that so far), 
that i am aware of. 

MusE is a musical midi sequencer, and when it opens with a project, some 
sub-windows, not supposed to be opened at launch, still pop up. They are 
without handle and not in the list window. I know how to unlock them btw, by 
opening them anew using the gui and then closing them for good. weird. 

Well, i don't know if you want to have a look, the problematic part is that 
MusE is sometimes hard to install and run. Because it uses "jackd" wich is an 
audio daemon that has to be configured first and launched. MusE may be 
available as a package on your distro, wich would ease the installation 
phase. (btw you may use qjackctl as a gui to launch jack prior to run muse)

Frankly i can live with this problem, this application remains fully usable. 
But if you happen to install it and makes it actually run, i would send you a 
special muse song to see the problem. BTW don't hesitate to ask me at anytime 
if you need.

Still, thank you for the java fix, that saves me, and iam sure some other 
people are going to appreciate to  :)



PS: should we inform the other WM authors about this trouble ? As i reported 
it seems that a few of them have been caught in the trap. :) 
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