Re: [As-users] xinerama

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Sun, 4 Jun 2006 17:18:07 +0200

On Friday 28 April 2006 22:58, Nathan Mahon wrote:
> I've used afterstep with dual monitors for about 16 months now, and
> wouldn't have it any other way.
> Personally, my setup has only one "Screen"... so afterstep just sees
> that i have a 3200x1200 root.
> That's been the easiest for me.
> n8

Well, i admit this is a late reply. ;-)

I would like to thank John Meissen and Nathan Mahon about their feedback a 
month ago.

I just bought my new lovely super extra Samsung 244T (a 24" wide screen !) and 
i upgraded to AfterStep 2.2.

I made some few attempts to make xinerama works so that i can use my old CRT 
17" as well but i am facing some sync problem that has to do with the ATI 
radeon 9700. It seems that the DVI and VGA output can work under specific 
freq combinations and the 2 monitors don't agree on theses. :-)

For the moment i am back to Single mode, simply enjoying the 1900x1200 
resolution ! It is so great ! You can for instance have 2 web pages open on 
the screen.

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