[As-users] doing something for java applications ?

. (intent@netpratique.fr)
Tue, 6 Jun 2006 17:25:50 +0200


Albeit AS2.2 is certainly in progress, I am still facing problem with java 
applications, in fact with some big applets like "Prorealtime".


The problem appears when you open a context dialog box, or when an alert or 
confirmation window pops up. Theses windows stay stuck in the background and 
follow you whatever desktop/screen you go.

It's quite annoying when they decide to stay stuck under or over other 
windows, and you are unable to reach or operate them (you cannot close them).

This kind of problem sometimes appears with MusE (wich is not java based) 

These are the 2 only examples i know currently, all the other apps are 
behaving as expected.

I would like to know if there is workaround, specially for the java applet, 
that i am going to use in my day job. The applet appears as "java_vm" with 
the "ps" command, maybe i could set something in the AS database ?  

The other windowmanagers i have tried don't have this problem. I remember that 
fluxbox was concerned by this too, but this seems to be fixed now.

Thanks a lot for help,


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